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Have you dreamed of long beautiful luscious hair?  Or cant seem to find the fullness you desire?  Time and time again you feel like you never get your dream hair because.... well it just wont grow?  You've tried extensions in the past but it just didn't give you what you needed?  Thats how i felt too.. Until i learned about Invisible Bead Extensions. 

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By completing the online jot form it will allow me to better understand your wants + needs for wearing hair extensions, this way we can align our goals to ensure I am the correct extension artist to meet your desired look. 

If you currently are wearing extensions this allows me to understand a little more about your current status with extensions.  

Once I recieve your inquire, we will move forward to getting your in person consultation scheduled.  

During our in person consultation, we will go over all things hand tied.  The story behind the method, why i choose IBE, the proper placement to meet your desired look. We will color match and go over the plan for maintenance on color for your natural hair + extension care,  How to properly care for your extensions post install and the products needed to maintain your extensions to provide the longest life span for your new set of hand tied extensions.  We will also go over any questions or concerns you may have.  Post the consultation i will send you over a package price with all the details for your instal + maintenance fees.   Your deposit will need to be paid in order to book your new install appointment. 

 the plan 

Today is install day!   After reviewing our consultation I have selected + created the perfect color blend to be 100% seamless and to make all your hair dreams come true. You will walk away from this service today full of confidence and loving your new hair.  At the end of this appointment we will rebook your move up in 8 weeks. 

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